The Staff Sync - Vol. 1

The Staff Sync - Vol. 1

Welcome to The Staff Sync! Where we discuss best practices, AMA discussions, and get personal.

How it all began: In August of 2019 Staff Morale Page was created after a depressing few months of transitions. I lost my platoon and was moved to the 3-Shop and ended my 3 year engagement. As I was rediscovering myself and making memes around the 3-shop, coworkers started posting my memes on what was then S-3 Morale Page (RIP). At the time, I was shy and didn’t think that my memes were funny enough to be shared outside of the office. Little did I know that the page would start to get traction. My coworkers gave me the login and it was a solo adventure from then on.

(First meme I made in Aug 2019)

Why I lost my platoon: After deployment, during a pay day activity, my Battalion Commander came up to ask where my ranger tab was and when I would be going back. At that time, I put it in my mind that I would be getting out of the Army. My response to him was “Sir, I’m not going back, I’m getting out of the Army”. He said OK and within a week I was moved to the 3-shop and assigned to be the OIC of land and ammo. Here I spent the last 14 months refining and perfecting the battalion SOP, which was non-existent at the time when I took over.

(My Fires RTO and myself on deployment in Afghanistan) 

A year out from my ETS date, I found myself still looking for a purpose in life. Instead of going to SFL-TAP I decided to drop a Civil Affairs selection packet. After finding out that I was staying in the Army, my BC moved me to a line company to be an XO. This was to write his wrong of moving me to the 3-shop for originally wanting to get out. I was the first untabbed line company XO in that battalion from the previous 6 years. During my time as XO, covid hit. Most of my days were spent doing inventories, conducting maintenance, or training for Civil Affairs Selection. I had a great company commander who allowed me to focus a lot of my time as a XO for preparing for selection (Thanks Donny!) After being an XO (Executive Officer) for six months, I went to selection and got selected. I returned to Alaska to immediately clear and begin my PCS to Fort Bragg (Fort Liberty) to start SOFCCC.

(Preparing for a jump after coming back from deployment. Nothing beats an Alaskan Summer jump)

Next Blog: What happened at Ranger School, why my engagement ended, Why being tabbed isn’t everything.

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