The Staff Sync - Vol. 5

The Staff Sync - Vol. 5

2023 has been an awesome year and I look forward to more growth in 2024. Some highlights of 2023 include marrying the love of my life, welcoming my daughter into the world, and transitioning jobs in my unit and taking a team as a Team Leader. As for 2024, I am looking forward to training hard during our deployment train-up, growing the store and page, re-vamping the blog (fell to the wayside during the end of the pregnancy) and possibly starting a podcast.

I usually don't make goals for the year or resolutions but here are a few I would like to incorporate this year-

  • Professional: have a successful deployment with my team and then determine my next steps in active duty or the reserves
  • Health/ Fitness: attend more crossfit classes / compete in another festivus games / run more because I slacked off on running last year. Also meal prepping more with Mrs. Morale
  • Personal: Be with my family as much as possible before deployment to see my daughter's milestones. Give back to the community by volunteering and overall be a better person

Thank you all for your support over 2023. I look forward to continuing to boost morale over 2024!

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